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O'Grady Elementary Results - Jan. 20

O' Grady UIL Meet Results

Art Smart

3rd & 4th Grade

Aileen Fregoso - 5th place

5th Grade

Joshua Netro - 1st place

Genesis Espinoza - 4th place

Kaitlyn Cervantes - 6th place


4th Grade

Jonathan Moreno - 6th place

5th Grade

Isabella Rivera - 3rd place

John Paul Calvillo II - 4th place

Zechariah Flynn - 5th place

Chess Puzzles

2nd Grade

Andres Hernandez - 2nd place

Johnny Villalobos - 4th place

3rd Grade

Javier Arellano - 1st place

4th Grade

Waylon Davis - 4th place

Dictionary Skills

Lexia Salazar - 1st place

Ruben Rivas - 4th place

Emmarae De Leon - 6th place


Oziel Reyes - 1st place

Maps, Graphs and Charts

Isabella Rivera - 1st place

Jonathan Duberney - 2nd place


4th Grade

Nicholas Ochoa - 2nd place

Diego Villarreal - 5th place

Music Memory

3rd & 4th Grade

Guadalupe Garza - 3rd place

Olivia Gonzalez - 6th place

5th Grade

Evie Gonzalez - 4th place

Isabella Cantu - 5th place

Javier Garza - 6th place

Number Sense

3rd Grade

Jonathan Moreno - 5th place

4th Grade

Nicholas Ochoa - 4th place

Oral Reading

4th Grade

Carmen Ozuna - 6th place

Ready Writing

3rd Grade

Leah Marquez - 3rd place

4th Grade

Jeselle Sanchez - 5th place

5th Grade

Matthew Olivarez- 4th place


Kal-El Colorado - 2nd place

John Paul Calvillo II - 6th place

Spanish Oral Reading

2nd Grade

Andres Hernandez - 2nd place

Liliana Rodriguez - 3rd place

4th Grade

Barbara Sanchez - 5th place

Angelica Arizpe - 6th place

5th Grade

Paulina Grimaldo - 6th place


2nd Grade

Caleb Garcia - 1st place

Isabella Garcia - 3rd Place


3rd Grade

Alejandra Escobar - 1st place

Jaelynn Palacios - 2nd place

Leselle Tovar - 3rd place


4th Grade

Alyssa Garcia - 1st place

Alexis Garcia - 5th place

Aiden Gaitan - 6th place

5th Grade

Victoria Olivarez - 6th place


3rd Grade

Jaelynn Palacios - 1st place

Dash Tuttle - 5th place


Midkiff - 1st place - 445 points

Mims - 2nd place - 429 points

Bryan - 3rd place - 313 points