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District UIL Meet Results

District UIL Meet at Salinas Elementary

February 11, 2017


Art Smart

3rd and 4th grade

7th place - Sofia Miramontes

5th grade

7th place - Kayla Alanis


Calculator Skills

4th grade

1st place - John Paul Calvillo II

2nd place - Isabella Rivera

4th place - Zechariah Flynn

7th place - Heather Flores

5th grade

1st place - Ricardo Ochoa

4th place - Alexis Balderas


Chess Puzzles

3rd grade

1st place - Damian Benavides

4th place - Emmarae De Leon

6th place - Guillermo Garcia

5th grade

3rd place - Karl Schmidt

5th place - Joaquin Vasquez


Creative Writing

6th place - Adrian Carmona


Dictionary Skills

1st place - Marcos Garcia

2nd place - Lexia Salazar

3rd place - Albert Lopez

5th place - Kariana Garza


Listening Skills

4th place - Cole Butel

5th place - Alyssa Beas

6th place - Genesis De Leon



2nd grade

6th place - Jaelynn Palacios

3rd grade

3rd place - Nicholas Ochoa

5th grade

5th place - Ricardo Ochoa


Music Memory

3rd & 4th grade

3rd place - Javier Garza


Number Sense

2nd grade

5th place -Lupito Garza

5th grade

4th place - Ricardo Ochoa


Oral Reading

3rd grade

2nd place - Isabelle Luna

4th grade

6th place - Sara Garcia

5th grade

1st place - Christian Guzman


Ready Writing

3rd grade

6th place - Jeselle Sanchez

4th grade

2nd place - Thais Olivarez

6th place - Jonathan Duberney

5th grade

4th place - Alondra Vasquez



3rd place - Mario Prado

4th place- Marcos Garcia



2nd grade

2nd place - Alejandra Escobar

4th place - Tristan Nuqui

5th place - Liana Balderas

3rd grade

3rd place - Alyssa Garcia

5th place - Gael Lopez

4th grade

3rd place - Jonathan Duberney

5th grade

4th place - Alondra Vasquez

5th place - Thea Nuqui

6th place - Alexis Balderas



2nd grade

3rd place - Aileen Fregoso

4th place - Liana Balderas

6th place - Jaelynn Palacios

3rd grade

3rd place - Yaritza Benavides


Spanish Oral Reading

3rd grade

1st place - Angelica Arizpe

2nd place - Barbara Sanchez

4th grade

2nd place - Itzel Sada

6th place - Brandy Lambrecht


1st place Sweepstakes - Mims Elementary-432 points

2nd place Sweepstakes - Midkiff Elementary - 392 points

3rd place Sweepstakes - Bryan Elementary - 323 points


Mims Elementary District UIL Champions!!