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You have just entered the Mims Pre-Kinder zone of "Brilliant Learning." I am Mrs. J. Cortez, one of the hosts on this site. For over a quarter of a century, I have enjoyed teaching and learning from young children. This site was designed to both inform and entertain you. In this "Brilliant Learning" zone anything is possible. Mrs. Alfaro is the co-host of this site. We take great pride in the success of our children. We look forward to a great year of learning and fun.
 Class Schedule
Mrs. J. Cortez
7:45-8:30-----Announcements, Review Key Understandings, and Read Aloud
8:30-10:30----Four Group Rotations--Language Arts (Reading, Penmanship, Creative Writing)
10:30-11:15----Student Lunch and Restroom Break-Teacher Aide Supervises
10:30-11:15----Teacher Conference
11:15-11:45----Review Basics Interventions(Songs and Games)---Assistant Lunch
11:45-1:00----Four Group Rotations—Content Areas(2 Groups)
1:30-1:45------Snack Time
1:45-3:05------Four Group Rotations--Content Areas (2 More Groups)
3:05-3:10----Day's Review and Get Ready to go Home
3:10-3:30----Teacher car duty and teacher aide walkers/day care students


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