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School History

Charles H. Mims Elementary School was built in 1985. Constructed to accommodate growth within the Mission School District.  Mims has always been synonymous with excellence. Through the years the population has fluctuated. The school demographics are comprised of 97.8% Hispanic, 1.6% White, 0.2% Black, and 0.5% Asian (2017-2018). The Limited English population (LEP) was 16.4% that same year.  In the 2018-2019 school year, economically disadvantaged was 62.2% and attendance rates were 97.1%.  In the academic year of 2016-2017, the mobility rate was 8.9%. Within statistical variance, success has been continuous. Mims has had three principals. Hurla Midkiff, a long time successful educational leader, established the foundation of success for the school. Alicia Rios continued the formula, complementing existing programs with an innovative style, followed by Joel Garcia. Yvonne Zamora who served Mims Elementary as Assistant Principal for several years is the current principal. She strives to continue the success and commitment of Mims Elementary as an exemplary campus. Reading has been the building block that has transcended instruction to complement all academic areas. Exemplary Center for Reading Instruction (ECRI) at the primary level develops modalities through structured vocabulary and comprehension development. Another component to our reading program is Reading Renaissance, a researched based, individualized guided reading practice program. Through teacher modeling, monitoring, and intervention, students proceed systematically within certification levels. Reading success and growth is experienced. All three principals have led Mims in achieving goals for academic success in balancing curriculum by including technology, physical and social development, and extra-curricular activities. Students are assisted and supported into the Mims model. The Mims vision.