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The school year is going great so far! I am amazed at how much we know and have learned together. Parents, I thank you for your support. What we teachers do could not all be possible without your continued assistance. Let's continue to do our best and make the rest of the year just as awesome as the time we've had together so far. Mims is simply the best!


Online Registration


As the school year goes on, registration dates have arrived. Please take the time to register your child/ren so that the scheduling process can begin for them. The sooner the process is begun, the better.

Spring Break

I would like to thank the efforts that we all have put in thus far to make the school year a successful one. I want to wish all my students and parents a safe and restful spring break as well. See you guys on 3/17/14.

School House Rock Pronouns

As we learn about pronouns this week, here is a video that may help refresh your memory as to how to use them and what they are. Sing along if you have to.

Progress Report Night

I would like to thank all the parents that attended Progress Report night in spite of the cold weather. Your commitment comes across loud and clear. To those parents that weren't able to make it, I appreciate you too and I understand that sometimes things come up and we are not able to attend everything we set our minds to attend. I also thank you for your continued support.